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TANKO OLIVE Tanks are the best solution for Olive storage for years to keep it as it was on the tree for more then two years time. its manufacutered by rotational molding process from virgin MDPE for food grade application.

TANKO OLIVE Tanks are made with a special mold design to hold 750 KG of Olive and 250 liters of salt solvent with a special filling neck to keep Olive sinked in the salted solvent.

TANKO OLIVE Tanks has special filling cap to manage the solvents decrease and estimate the need of additional salt solvent.

TANKO OLIVE Tanks are made from outside in black color to be able to block sun light rays into the tank for any bacterial activity.

TANKO OLIVE Tanks are very smooth from the inside to ensure non sticky area to hold fungus or any bacterial activities.

TANKO OLIVE Tanks are white from inside to be easy to see the olives status of both storage and fermentation.

TANKO OLIVE is designed to be forklifted over a pallet.