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LandFlex is professional in the field of design, planning and organization, improvement of landscape.

LandFlex offers an integrated approach in the management of the construction business. As a result, our clients are freed from searching for various contractors for their needs and enables considerably increase the quality and significantly reduce the time of the works.

The creation of a landscape begins with design. It is necessary to determine all kinds of landscape works: how to make the drainage to prevent floods, where to put on paths and where to place artificial ponds and fountains, where to plant trees and bushes, where to locate flower beds and build arbors and pergolas.

Our professional experts in hard and soft landscape will offer you a full range of services: from consultation and first stages of the project, until the accomplishment of all territory. Based on your wishes, we will create a landscape project and implement it into life with appropriate quality.

Our professional scope includes landscape design, gardening and soft landscaping, landscaping of residential areas, streets and roads, urban centers, industrial areas, farms, historic and protected areas.

Our landscape architector will create a unique author's project, in full accordance with your tastes and preferences.

Our agronomists will advise you which trees and shrubs can grow in your area, what varieties and breeds of plants to choose, how to create a garden of continuous bloom. If necessary, they will conduct tests of soil and water, will cure your plants and lawn diseases and pests, will make prevention and control of pests and diseases.

Our engineer will calculate for you the right amount of tiles needed for walkways, the cost of wiring and networks, irrigation system and suggest what depth and what material should have a pond.